Tuesday, February 19, 2013


SITuation REPort

I lost.

I survived the first time we were at anchor. But then we went to a different port, anchored offshore, and the contest was started anew.

I forgot.

I woke up, came down to the galley, and less than 20 minutes after we dropped the hook (and less than 5 minutes after I woke up), I got busted. 

So 5 Jalapeno peppers for me it was.

Oreo's favorite drink
The only consolation I have is that I wasn't the only one. The Chief Engineer and one of the Tankermen got busted as well. Some of us took their punishments more gracefully than others. We had to institute a "five-minute cooling down period" between the time you got busted until the time where you once again eligible to participate again. It allowed for a 5-minute tirade of swears and maritimer-type language to be expelled free of charge to let you "think about what you have done".

I may not have been happy about it, but I did manage to take my punishment tirade free. However, I also took my punishment with a full plate of dinner, a LARGE glass of milk, and two slices of bread.
It kind-of helped.
Sort of.

We are once again at anchor. The "Contest" is back on. I wonder who will fall this time?
It better not be me.
If it is, you can be assured I will use all 5 minutes of the allotted "cooling down period" to let my feelings be known.

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