Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am currently half a nation away from the events in Boston. Although distance prevents me from physically being there to lend a helping hand, my thoughts go out to all of those affected by the cowardice that was perpetrated yesterday at the Boston Marathon.

I was born and raised in coastal New Hampshire.
Boston was the nearest “Big” City to us.
I grew up watching Boston Bruins hockey.
Cheering Larry Bird, DJ, Danny Ainge, and The Chief winning multiple World Championships for the Celtics.
I was heart-broken time and time again by the Red Sox.
I vividly remember “Squish the Fish” and “The Superbowl Shuffle”. 
I relished in the accomplishments and the winning of multiple World Titles by the Patriots.
I graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Cape Cod College of Nautical Knowledge.
I learned how to drive and navigate the streets of Boston in my teens and early twenties (and survived).
I dated a girl who lived in the Boston suburb of Roxbury (What the hell do you want to go to Roxbury for? - SNL skit, Google it)
I applied to be a Boston firefighter and aced the test with a perfect score.
My wife lived in Lawrence, MA.
I still have countless friends and family in and around the Boston area.

I’m a New Englander through and through.

Which is why my heart breaks even more so for all those affected by the terror attack of yesterday.

But New Englanders are, by definition, resilient.
They are some of the hardiest people you will ever meet, but at the same time some of the most caring.
There is no doubt that Boston will recover. There is no doubt that there will be a Boston Marathon next year. There is no doubt that Boston will come back bigger, better, and stronger. It’s what people in Boston do.
But for now take a moment to reflect, hug your kids, donate blood to the Red Cross, or just say a prayer.

Stay strong Boston!

The whole World supports you!

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