Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something Looks Different

We started out this hitch -1 on our regular crew. 

“The Redneck” wasn’t going to be with us this hitch because he had just worked for 4-weeks so that “Cupcake” could go to school. Or something like that. So “The Redneck” was leaving to have a month off as we were coming in with “Cupcake” as a fill-in.

Then, halfway through the hitch, “Junior” got transferred to different boat in the fleet. So we went to -2  on the “usual crew o-meter”. 

We did get sent a new deckhand to replace “Junior”. So far we haven’t gotten around to giving him a nickname yet. It’s only been a couple of days. We’re working on it.

Annoyingly, he hasn’t fell victim to “The Contest” yet. Thankfully, “Junior” did before he left, which made his departure a bit more tolerable. Misery loves company. We didn’t want him to escape unscathed.

So, to sum up…

Cupcake is here, Junior is gone, we haven’t come up with a nickname for the new deckhand, and The Redneck is probably passed out in a drainage ditch somewhere. It is St. Patrick’s Day after-all.  

Because he's nautical

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