Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Did We Learn?

It was a rough hitch. So we’re going to play a little game called…”What Did We Learn?”
We learned… 

  •  I could care less about logging, logging equipment or anything else related to wood products.
  •  I can lose a chess match, against a computer, on the easiest setting, in 2 moves.
  • It takes 5 months to get a new boarding ladder delivered. When it is finally delivered, it’s broken.
  • A television that runs on 110 volts does not do well when 220 volts gets run through it.
  • Fog sucks.
  • Jalapeno peppers aren’t nearly as spicy the more you get used to them.
  • I miss “The Redneck” (I never thought I’d say that)
  • There is no good place to lose the generator and hence, all power and all control. However, there are better places than others. One bad place to lose the generator is in a narrow channel while approaching a berth.
  • If you have the red light on in the wheelhouse (used to protect your night vision) and you get a nose bleed, you won’t be able to notice it until it looks like a murder scene.
  • Little things, like a new overhead light in your room, make all of the difference.
  • When someone tells you that you are going to be at anchor for a while, just the opposite is true.
  • If you are going to fry your TV, the best time to try to do it is with only one day left in the hitch.
  • Holidays aren’t nearly as much fun on the boat. Especially holidays where the main impetus is getting as drunk as humanly possible. Zero tolerance alcohol policies limit the fun factor.
  • We really could use an anchor that uses chain instead of wire.
  • We really suck at fishing. (At this time this statement is currently up for debate. I’ve been promised we will be better next hitch. We’ll see.)
  • Tin foil makes a terrible temporary fuse. Unless the sole purpose is to make lots of smoke and fire. Then tin foil makes a GREAT fuse.
  • Crew changes down south can sometimes be a pain. On the other hand, shoveling snow is more of a pain.
  • Just when you think you have crew change planned out, the phone rings.
  • The people who overstay their welcome are the absolute last ones to realize it.
  • If you’re pretty sure the TV is dead, but you want to REALLY make sure it is, use a tin foil fuse. This will confirm it’s dead. The smoke and fire are very good proof.

You learn something new every day. Sometimes, more than one thing.
 "Are you SURE it's broken"
 "That will buff out" 

Note: This is NOT the TV we burned up. 
We took the plastic off before we caught it on fire.
We're not stupid.
Which is also up for debate.

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