Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crew Changes of the EPIC Variety

Not all crew changes are completely screwed up. 
Okay, most of ours are. 
But take this story of a crew change gone right.
Epically so. 

Our friends over at gCaptain provide the tale:

Check out this photo showing a February 16 crew change on the frozen Great Lakes. Photographer Mark Langdon tells us:

This is the Tanker Algosea sending 2 crew members across the ice to the Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker Griffon… The crew were well over their time onboard and opted to change like this. The Griffon picked up the C/O (Chief Officer, a.k.a. Chief Mate, a.k.a. The Mate) and 2nd Eng (Second Engineer) and took the (sic) to the dock and picked up their reliefs and brought them out the Algosea. 

Which, in and of itself, is a pretty cool way to crew change. But it gets better…

The pilots had changed out the day before by snowmobile!

I told you it was EPIC!

I don’t think the weather conditions down here in the Gulf of Mexico would ever allow for such a rare opportunity to crew change like that. 
However, my friends working in the Northeast may want to consider it.
It has been a bit chilly up there this year. 

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